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Discover our areas and our mission.
Our principles of creativity, experience and knowledge.


The company is located in Stockholm and this is our main work area. We have more than 25 years experience of military command, telecom, and multimedia systems.

Our Mission

We undertake assignments on IT-System architecture, analysis, design, security, development, integration, test and verification. We work primarily for the ultimate customer satisfaction in all areas. We believe that happy customer benefits everyone, and we all get the best out of everything. Sometimes the road may be bumpy, but we're working on this diligently, until the goal is met, a satisfied customer.


We have for a long time been involved in system architecture, combined with integration, development, test and verification of distributed systems. So our experience is not only academically, but we have extensive practical experience, which helps to reveal faults and deficiencies in the system, which can not be detected by other means. We adapt to the cost frames applied, selects the most appropriate solution, and always strive for a open system architecture, that are easy to maintain and scale. We do not like complicated solutions and everyone must be able to understand it.
We have for a long time been involved in system integration, with systems that were built on a large number of software components. We have been through all phases of code management, accepting releases, compiling, building software, configuration and installing the components, to form a complete system, and then do the installation at the customer. It is also about managing software developers in projects and educating them on the system architecture, so they know what are expected of them.
We have done development of software components and standalone applications, web applications, tools, scripts and all other various software. Hardware test programs, embedded systems, operating system cooking, device driver development and application management. It also includes document writings, requirements specifications, design documents, test specifications, test records and user guides. We have experience in Agile/Scrum methods, as well as RUP/Rational, OOA/OOD pattern driven development.
We have mostly done web development on the back-end side, integrating web applications against SQL Servers and other data sources. Design and layout of web applications is not our main subject, we contribute rather with what is equally important, the back-end code, that also supports customers' business needs. At present, there is no need to reinvent the wheel in terms of design, but we prefer to use techniques like bootstrap and all web themes that are available. For example at
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