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System Architecture

We do work in analyzing and designing system architectures for specific customer needs and always suggest the best possible solution for a particular demand. That usally constitutes an open architecture and scalability. And we do not like "appurtenance" thinking about a specific supplier, manufacturer or product, only the best technology is prefered and suggested.

Since we have a long experience in different techniques and system behaviours, we have a pretty god idea of what suites a specific demand, and therefore we can suggest the best solution possible.

System Integration

When we select the architecture solution, we also take into consideration the integration process as much as possible. This gives us a unique advantage because of our long experience in complex and distributed systems. We will always choose the most cost effective and best solution, so that the entire system architecture and design can be managed as effective as possible.

Since the integration of a complex system is of such a laborious task, it really makes a difference on how to accomplish this. Here you can really make mistakes and inaccuracies, which takes time to learn, discover and is expensive, so in this area we can really contribute a great deal of knowledge and visdom.

System Development

This also goes along with system architecture and integration. You have to develop the correct functionality, not what you think the customer wants, rather exactly what you know he wants. We also have to understand the system, its design and properties, and deliver software that is of a high quality.

This includes being able to interpret and understand customer requirements, breaking them down into components and then implementing them.

Web Applications

One area that is really exciting and rapidly developing forward. There we have a good knowledge of modern technologies such as Javascript, Ajax, Json, JQuery, Bootstrap etc. We have very good knowledge of the backend programming against data layers in different forms, and also a good understanding of stability and error handling strategy.

In critical business systems, internal and external, the security and stability is of high importance, and there we also have extensive experience.